Case studies

Case study one – Partnership and Knowledge

Knowledge and experience count for a lot in our line of work. Industry and clinical trial regulations aren’t easy to navigate without it. So when we were approached by a Medical Agency who had been asked to provide a complete budget for the printing and distribution of a clinical trial, we were able to provide the expert guidance they needed.

We advised them on everything from the style and specification of materials and provided a clear and easy to understand quote for the management of the production of these materials.

The Agency were awarded the trial and we have been partnering with them on numerous studies ever since.

Case study two – Shipping

Customs can cause big problems, which can further delay clinical trials. And we all know that’s the last thing any clinical trial needs. So when a US based company was having trouble getting materials through customs outside of the US when sent via their US based vendor, we stepped in.
Before coming to us, the complications caused our client to spend an increasing amount of time chasing up courier companies, missing SIV dates due to delays and on some occasions, reprinting materials due to them being held or destroyed at customs.

We were able to rectify the situation by using a courier company that was best suited to the particular region that the materials were being shipped to. Our extensive knowledge of providing customs/proforma invoices and packing lists also meant we were able to fill out all materials correctly for that country. Plus, we took responsibility for monitoring shipments as they transferred through customs so that we were able to react fast if there were any issues. As a result, we managed to free up our client’s time and dramatically reduce the amount of delays to shipments.